Refunding the ticket price

If a performance is cancelled by the event organizer before 45 minutes of the opera has been performed, tickets can be returned to the advance ticket vendor where they were purchased. The ticket price will be refunded by the event organizer exclusive of postage costs and other charges. For organizational reasons, it is not possible to refund the ticket price on site at the venue’s ticket offices or in the Festival office.

Refunding the ticket price

If you purchased your ticket from the Festival office pan.event or online please send the original tickets by registered mail back to the Festival office pan.event within two months.

Please include your name, address, telephone number, and your bank account’s IBAN and BIC sort code.

Ticket office

pan.event GmbH

Tel +43 (0)2682 65 0 65

Fax +43 (0)2682 65 0 65 888


7000 Eisenstadt


Tickets purchased from must be returned to Ticket Express GmbH, Heumühlgasse 11, 1040 Vienna, T +43 (1) 96 0 96 (Monday to Saturday, 9am–9pm; Sunday and public holidays, 10am–9pm).

Tickets purchased from another authorized ticket vendor must be returned there.

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