At the Esterházy court, music and wine were always cherished companions. You can explore this cultural heritage in different exhibitions at Esterházy Palace, Forchtenstein Castle, and Lackenbach Palace. Stroll around the Palace District in Eisenstadt, relax over a superb menu at the Gourmet Restaurant Henrici and enjoy some great wines at Selektion Vinothek Burgenland. There are also local specialities and original gifts available at the market Markthalle Kulinarium Burgenland or from the master florist Eva Steiger. A further highlight is the Esterházy Winery, located en route to St. Margarethen Quarry – a perfect opportunity for tours and tastings.

food & Wine

Restaurant Henrici

Restaurant Henrici provides unadulterated pleasure, whether you opt for Esterhazy classics or Pannonian specialities with a modern-day twist, all washed down with exquisite wines. The exclusive atmosphere of the former court stables, designed by the architect Benedikt Henrici, makes fine dining a truly unique experience.


Café Maskaron

Café Maskaron, in the palace’s inner courtyard, is named after the corbel grotesques or mascarons adorning the façade. It is a perfect setting in which to relax and while away the time over some classic Austrian coffee-house specialities or fine beverages from the Esterhazy Winery – a delight for both body and soul!

Selektion Vinothek Burgenland

Exquisite red wines, expressive white wines, “noble sweet” vintages of the very highest quality – Burgenland offers the wine lover a more varied selection than any other region in Austria. Appreciate Burgenland’s wines while relaxing in the stylish wine bar or sampling some of the wide range at the shop.


Markthalle Kulinarium Burgenland

Here, where you once heard the clip-clop of horses’ hooves, delicious produce now attracts foodies to the indoor farmers’ market, located in the former stables at Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt. Every Saturday, regional producers sell their seasonal fruit and vegetables, good quality fish and meat, freshly baked goods, and much more besides.


Esterhazy Winery

The Esterházy princes were famous for their magnificent court. Their wines, made from the abundant grapes cultivated in the mild climate around the lake and matured in their own cellars, graced the palette of Empress Maria Theresa. The world-famous composer Joseph Haydn even had part of his salary paid in wine, as the 1789 list of his “wages in kind” records. Such was the splendour of the Esterházy treasury that Privy Councillor von Goethe, no stranger to luxury, was inspired to coin the much-quoted label “Esterházy fairy kingdom”. Get into the mood for a night at the opera with a tour through the winery, complete with tasting some very fine wines.


Café Restaurant Grenadier

To cater to the needs of the many day-trippers to Forchtenstein Castle, a new restaurant and café has been set up near the Red Bastion. Towering over the surrounding landscape, this has been subtly designed to fit in with the castle’s authentic atmosphere.